The Darla Update

I could say I’ve been writing nonstop.

But that would not be the complete truth. I could say that my grandchildren have occupied a bit of my time. I suppose what you must take away from this is that it may be hitched to both of those truths. Perhaps something in between.

But in the sit downs ideas were brewing.

Amazing how ideas find you.

Like the afternoon millions of years ago when I awoke from an afternoon nap. The entire plot was in my head. I wrote my first book. But as you know the first book is never the one you end up publishing.

My recent idea for a new series came when I was busy. Doing what I don’t remember. The idea of a Fairy Godmother in 2019 just popped into my head. And it nestled there for months. The woman giving me inspiration was Agnes Moorehead. Remember her from the original Bewitched series? She’s also on a number of classic radio shows. Anyway, I could see her as my Fairy Godmother in modern New York City.

After I’d finished it, my editor said that what I’d written (without realizing it) was an Urban Fantasy. She said it was a winner,. Maybe one reason I enjoyed writing it so much was that I loved the freedom it gave me.

But for those of you who loved my African series, do not worry. Annabelle and Baloyi are deep in trouble again following leads from the New Scotland Yard. It takes you through Zimbabwe and South Africa. Third in the series. will be out in 2020, following MIDNIGHT IN MALAMULELE and MIDNIGHT REDEMPTION.

Enjoy reading!