The Now

In case any of you are dreaming of the next season coming up, I’ll give you a hand.

I may be the only one applauding when the lightning and thunder roll in with late afternoon clouds storming and performing proclaiming summer is on its way out.


In the early days,  I never disclosed that I didn’t like a particular season. At least not openly. Our family spent hot steamy summers in Waco, Texas and I loved absolutely every minute of it, primarily because of the love.

In later years I realized the truth of the matter was I adored  the ocean.


If I couldn’t live near the sea to  breath in the damp air and smell those summer breezes as they washed over me,  then I wanted the snow.

And that’s where I ended up. Near the mountains where snow is plentiful.

Yesterday someone reminded me that once snow fell as early as September 19. My body relaxed. Snow was on its way.

And I was delighted.


But something niggled at the back of my psyche. I knew better than to look backwards so I’d become an advocate of looking forward. But, what about being present in the moment?

What about loving where we are right now? This minute.  What about looking out our window and appreciating what we have?

What about our goal for today, just today?

What about the now?

(Thanks Pinterest for lightning and ocean photos. Snow photo by Darla)