Grand children watched early morning television as I was scrambling eggs. Gulping down the breakfast, I opened the sliding glass doors, turned off the air conditioning and the television and threw out a thought.

“Did you know the birds talk to each other every morning?”

They looked at me with wide eyes.

We stepped out onto the patio and quietly sat down on a large pillow in a glider. “Can you hear them?”

Mesmerized, they listened intently.  I was absolutely amazed to see the two year old sit still. And the listening seemed magical to the six year old.

Then next door I saw movement under their deck. It took my breath away. “Look there’s a bunny!”

The little one made a movement, but I held him and whispered in his ear.

“He’ll run away if you go over there. Shhhh.”

It was unfortunate that I was telling the truth and the baby sensed it. Good thing too because suddenly there was a smaller bunny. And then another. And another. And another.


Before we knew it, there were five or six baby bunnies hopping all over the place in the shadows near their Mommy. What absolute joy and delight for my two grandchildren. I exhaled and treasured this moment, this sense of appreciation it gave to me.

I felt a lifetime of love bundled in this moment, seeing this brief but personal piece of nature so close, so sweet, so lovely.

So much joy and it wasn’t even six in the morning yet. Who knew what lay ahead the rest of the day?

(Thanks Google for adorable pic.)