Midnight Redemption

midnight-redemption-thumb-smallAmidst a backdrop of exquisite beauty, South Africa holds a dark secret while  Annabelle Chase, an American crime reporter, joins the Limpopo Task Force to end a string of bizarre murders. Malamulele detective N. F. Baloyi is bent on solving the murders, but Annabelle questions his commitment. After all, Baloyi’s own brother is one of the killers.

“Now, I glanced at the fresh crime scene, and it was clear who’d found the body. Standing next to two cops was a bony kid in a ripped Doors t-shirt. Where had he come across a Doors t-shirt way out here in the bush? Baloyi approached them, nodding to the kid and the officers, as another patrol pulled up. Within minutes, a squad of cops was outlining trees and bushes with yellow crime scene tape cordoning off the victim who was lying under a black tarp. At first glance, the yellow tape against the green boughs reminded me of the Christmas tree at Denver homicide, which would be a traditional fir wrapped in crime scene tape. But I was a long way from Denver now, and there was nothing festive about this scene, knowing that meters away there was a gruesome body.” –Annabelle Chase, Midnight Redemption

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