Forever I’d wanted to simplify my online presence by joining my two websites into one. The website can be reached by clicking on Taaa-daaa-aaa!

Thanks to a wonderful web designer in Florida, my site has become what I have always imagined it to be. Major mobile friendly and easy to read with additional content.

Hopefully, my blog will entertain, inform and educate. My passion is helping other writers navigate the forest of trees out there and giving them short cuts to becoming published in fiction and non-fiction, which consumed twenty-five years of my life.

My blog is devoted to helping writers reach their goals. I hope to entertain from time to time and entice other authors to guest blog about their journeys. In addition, there may be days I blog about anything that comes to mind. And when I have something to vent about, expect it.

FAV articles are my favorite five. Take a quick look. It was a tough selection process. I was a columnist for several newspapers and so many of those articles were dear to me. But, I had to pare down my list. Tough. You should have seen me perusing file folder after file folder.

Photo album mostly includes pics I snap myself. For instance, a good many of them will be from trips to South Africa. Plus, I threw in a photo of my parasailing. (Best Selfie ever, right?) Thank goodness my daughter was able to get that shot. I wanted proof!

When I said the web designer and I created the website, it was a true collaborative effort.

I culled information from tons of files, and we negotiated what we both agreed was most important. I listened to him. Very important in a collaboration. He created the online look, but I supervised. It was give and take all the way! Important. When you select a long distance web designer, make sure you like the person. Have a chat of introduction, interview several. Make sure that person is highly recommended and make sure your personality is compatible with his or hers. Because, if you’re lucky, that person is like family by the time you’re finished.

As the reader of my blog, if you have any ideas to offer, please go to the contact page and leave a message! I would love to hear from you! This is intended to be a conversation. And it takes you to make that happen. Let me know how you like my new site!

Thanks for reading.



Recently I found myself driving down the street flipping back and forth from CNN radio to MSNBC keeping up with the current criminal trial in real time and evaluating the news coverage.

I was running late for an appointment – me the all time queen of arriving thirty minutes early. Plus, I was craving a Skinny Vanilla Latte and searching each corner for a Starbucks.

Traffic slowed. I then remembered a phone message from my dear friend. Needed to call her. I punched the “phone” button on my dashboard and then my friend’s preprogrammed number rang.

Traffic slowed, then surged forward, then slowed again, then resumed normal speed. I changed lanes.

Suddenly, a car turned directly in front of me in the intersection.  I slammed on my brakes luckily avoiding careening into her.

What in the world? My mind lashed out at the woman as she continued her turn. My eyes glanced up surprised to see that my own light had been red.  Feeling foolish was an understatement. I slowly drove away wrestling with how that had happened.

Apparently I had been watching the next traffic light ahead of me instead of focusing on the one directly in front of me.


Had my multi tasking been the problem? Certainly part of it.  I had let my tired body be distracted by life and duties and obligations and appointments.

Juggling, throwing balls up in the air, trying to handle too much in the moment.

I had always pulled over to text or email and prided myself on that.  But after this experience, I’ve pledged to squash the feeling that I need to be accomplishing more – at least when I’m driving.

What’s the worse thing that has happened to you from multitasking? Let’s start a conversation!