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Why Commuters Need Sympathynew-york-times

New York Times 10-5-1980

A mom of five, stuck on her husband’s commuter train in the longest delay in the history of the railroad line, has an aha moment.

The Offerfairlady-cover

Fairlady 1-1979

Young mother tempted to add excitement to her life. Should she or shouldn’t she? If you’ve ever sought more, you’ll enjoy reading “The Offer.”

Mother Teresa Left Her Mark On Tiny Netherlands Chapelmother-teresa

Asbury Park Press – 11-2-1979

Meeting Mother Teresa in an unexpected moment of clarity in a tiny Netherlands chapel far from home creates an electric and providential moment.

Coping with cultural readjustmentcoping--with-cultural

The Register – 8-5-1979

Cultural readjustment comes in all sizes, especially when you have a family of seven and they return from living abroad experienced beyond their years.

How disappointing- the ‘robot’ was only a traffic lightrobot-traffic-light

When a South African man told me to go two blocks and turn right at the robot, I admit I was extremely disappointed.