Fairhope, Alabama

I sit here at the corner Page and Palette, Inc. bookstore coffee shop enjoying the local color. Two guys on computers hold down a long bench near the wall, and a table of seven friendly regulars discuss events of the nation.

Modern two blade ceiling fans twist in the air, two adorable young women behind the open counter sell mostly regular coffee, but crank out any kind of latte you want, and to the left is the double entry to the amazing, home-grown, independently thriving bookstore, Page and Palette, Inc.

I am in Fairhope, Alabama, where I am renting an adorable bungalow while I wait for the arrival of the final proof of my second book. After I give my final approval, Midnight Redemption will be available for order. Both paperback and e-book.

Why did I come to Fairhope?

Yep, book 3 coming up!


Sitting with new friend Ann Corcoran in Fairhope. Reminds me of Paris! And much more relaxing!

One thought on “Fairhope, Alabama

  1. Henri Farmer April 11, 2017 / 12:14 pm

    Because I live my life in such a tailspin, sometimes I have to go back and read again messages. No wonder I was unable to download your second book. Will watch for the announcement it’s out. Am delighted you are working on book three. You just get better as you age!! Love you.

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