Amazing how life hits you in the face, and then you take off for a day or so. When you feel back, it’s a welcome relief.

Stepping out this morning into the freshly fallen snow, I carefully made my way to the curb pushing my dark blue trash container. As I stepped back, I looked up at all around me. Darkness, but well lit by the outside lights, I inhaled and found a newness even in my breath.


The cold dry air consumed my lungs and sent a message to my heart. It’s a new day, a new beginning. Life is all about. “The moment’s now. Don’t miss it.”

It is amazing how you can get into a frump, depression, whatever you want to admit to, and then how when you come out of the fog, that sweetness of life. That beauty of being. And you pick up your life in a new and beautiful way. And you continue.

I want to wish all my readers a good and beautiful day.

And may you always remember that the moment is now.