I am where?

It’s possible I am sleeping. I have been awake a few times since I arrived home from a worldwind trip with my daughter Anne-Marie Braga to her home country South Africa. Yep, she was born there 40 years ago and had never been back since her father had been transferred away shortly after her birth. We took our family and moved on.

As a birthday wish, I took her back to South Africa. 14 days. It was all she had. We knew it would be a fast trip. We knew that from the start. But by golly, we would see as much as possible.

I will tell you more in depth in the next blog, but I had to get at least this much out to you. The second blog will tell you more. Did I just repeat myself? Jet lag is real and thriving in Littleton, Colorado. The trip home was 29 hours. Ask either Anne-Marie or me?

Can you tell this is a selfie? We did our best to document every step of the way. This is my dear friend, who prefers to remain anonymous? We traveled the whole of South Africa and of course that included my favorite Malamulele. Many fun experiences and renewal of old friends.

Read for the fun adventures we had and more pictures over the next few weeks.


2 thoughts on “I am where?

  1. Benjie Blase January 20, 2016 / 9:49 am

    That was a pretty good selfie! I am glad you had the opportunity to make such a wonderful trip.

    • Darla Bartos January 27, 2016 / 8:33 am

      AM took the selfie. No credit to me, I’m afraid. But thanks! So lucky to be able to take AM back where she was born…

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