If you’re recovering from surgery,  lapsing into boredom or simply want to take a day off,  do what I did yesterday — binge on television cop shows. It may be a strange way of creating a motive to become a total slacker for a day, but on the other hand, you can get lots of ideas, watch other plots that diligent writers like yourselves have taken from book to television.


The ones I’ve been watching are from BBC, through Netflix.  They’re varied and character driven and oh so much fun.

It’s a wonderful way to rationalize the fact you’re not writing. And I could give you a few more ideas if you need them.

For one, you can’t get a lot done while binge watching, yet, here’s what I did while watching television all day. I invited umpteen people to my LinkedIn account. I read all the FB blurbs — and tweets — and updated my author page on FB. And it was total fun!

All the while I viewed my manuscript — the final version of REMEMBER REDEMPTION — out of the corner of my eye, mentally preparing to hit it hard tomorrow, finishing it up by next week when I send the final version to my editor.

So who says having surgery can’t be fun. Plus, did I say I am off narcotics now? Depression is lifting and whoopie! My back is better.

Thanks for reading one and all. I’m feeling better, like I’m back in the human race.

One thought on “IF ALL ELSE FAILS ….

  1. Benjie Blase June 17, 2015 / 10:51 am

    Now I know why you posted on FB yesterday! You were watching movies! You should watch more movies! LOL!
    When I binge, I watch Hallmark movies! 😊

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