Snow Lessons

Snow is easy to love.

I awoke at 2:15. An hour later I gave up. Meandering down the hall, I stepped into my small office and glanced out at the night from the double window. Filled with the loveliness of the wonder before me, the moon, full and high in the sky, created a countryside spectacular with light bouncing off snow drifts. A stream of a cloud lay gently across the night sky. The roof sparkled with brilliance and I wanted to stay there forever. Truly a moment I will forever remember. A moment of inspiration.

Thanks Pinterest!
Thanks Pinterest!

Yesterday, Two grandchildren and I left the Old Chicago restaurant and walked into the beginning of a late afternoon snow storm. I couldn’t help myself. I belted out “Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but it’s so delightful ….” Quickly my eight year old granddaughter corrected me. “It’s ‘Dear it’s so delightful.'” And we began the song anew and while we were singing at the top of our lungs, a hatless woman busily sweeping snow off her grey vehicle finally glanced up. I was hoping our enthusiasm would get through to her so she might enjoy herself more. Although she didn’t say a word, I saw the crack of a smile, as I helped the three-year-old up into his car seat.

We can’t make the world different always. But it’s important to never stop trying. We can’t hit the mark always. But it’s important to never stop trying.

There’s nothing quite like those soft enormous flakes floating down to earth. It stirs the soul and triggers imagination.

Remember that it’s important to enjoy yourself where ever you are. To put yourself right out there. To relish the moment. For all you writers out there, it is important for your craft. How can you write when you haven’t experienced?

Enjoy this new beginning of the year 2015.

Live it.