It’s one of those lovely mornings when you awake at 1 a.m. to the crickets chirping away. And, you can’t go back to sleep. Never mind you have a busy day ahead, never mind you have a meeting, just never mind.

I’m not sure what I have been doing, but I just glanced at the over sized clock on the wall and it’s 4:30 a.m. How can that be? I just got up! What have I been doing for those few hours?  How have I wasted so much time?

Keeping a running register in my head, I quickly surmised that I had emptied my mailbox. Plus,  I perused Pinterest for cool motivational pics. I looked up and swoosh!

Even when you feel you’ve wasted time, I believe readjusting your mindset is important.

But now it’s time to work.


Uh oh.

Let’s get going.

And how do we do that? How do we get going?

In the early days I would put 5×7 cards throughout the house at every turn to remind myself to write. “Write 1000 words.” Do whatever it takes to get to writing.

Every morning now my iPhone alerts me to “write 1000 words.” And everyday I am still surprised by it. The interesting thing is the way I respond to it. I answer it. Usually with “i already did it!.”

I have to confess I still have one 5 x 7 card on a wall upstairs. It’s to remind me what my overall goal of the day is.

It simply says, “WRITE.”

Recently I found the words below. Check it out. I mean, really check it out. It encompasses goals for living. Image

Whether you’re a writer or not, remember the important stuff like …  living in the moment and tune up your overall life, not just the one you think that drives you.

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