Moments ago I was sitting in Belmar under a yellow umbrella with perfect warmth billowing down upon us at the Bakers Street Pub and Grill. People sat and chatted about the weather. It was a perfect day.


An hour later grey clouds rolled in west from the Rocky Mountains. Temps fell. And I was once again reminded of the importance of the moment.

Raindrops now fall on my windshield and I am enjoying listening to the sound of soft rain, sunglasses folded and returned to storage near my visor.


How quick. I sat wondering did I enjoy it enough? The conversation, the blue eyes starring back at me, the lilt of his voice in conversation. That moment in time.

How important is the now, the moment.

Unexpectedly, a moment in time creates a memory remembered for all time    Alone you walk across the street and bump into someone you will know forever.   The beauty of life is the mystery, the unexpected.

The moment itself will not come back.  But if you miss one, never fear.  A new one will momentarily present itself.   Catch it.

Revere it.

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