Escape Hatch

My reasons for going to the movies have changed. It was gradual. So gradual that I didn’t even realize it was happening.

Movie going was simple in the early days in the small Texas town I grew up in. Mom dropped my brother and me off on Saturday afternoon for a a double feature plus shorts. We paid nine cents each and were thrilled to return week after week. I’ve been hooked on movies ever since.


Pop corn and a movie is good for the soul.

Movies  can stimulate, entertain and inspire.  I love almost any movie. But these days,  movies have become a respite.

When you are all alone in the dark theater waiting for this digital miracle — which has taken hundreds of people — sometimes thousands — hours to create, you join with them in the celebration of their work by purchasing a movie ticket.

But there’s more these days to catching a flick.

Now you can experience disconnection.

Who ever would have thought we would want to celebrate the act of being disconnected.When you arrive at the movie, before it even begins, there’s a cute video mandating you turn off your phone. For two and a half hours you leave the world behind. It’s an excuse  to turn off your phone. No texting. No phone calls. No one can reach you.  Virtually, no one knows where you are. You’re in an escape hatch from daily life.

I enjoy watching people as they power down. Amazing how most wait until the absolute last second.

Often I wonder why we don’t do it more. Power off I mean. The limbo of being where no one knows  what you’re doing or where you are. Applause. Applause for oneself. Not a bad way to do it. And it’s only for two hours. How about you? How often do you power off and feel the peace?

(thanks Google and Pinterest)

3 thoughts on “Escape Hatch

  1. B Bartos June 15, 2013 / 8:18 pm

    I love escape hatches. As you know, I sort of live in one…

    • dspbb June 15, 2013 / 8:43 pm

      That’s a delightful way to look at it.
      We miss you.

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