What You Don’t Know

Of all the questions we still  don’t know the answer to, one of the most perplexing is why we walk only dogs and not any of our other pets?Image


Despite all the pretext — for instance, the people who have cats with collars and even leashes hanging in the hallway — do you ever see a cat being walked? Not often.

And fish?


No one could have had a more personal relationship with her fish than me a few years ago. But when I moved to another state, a neighbor invited me to release them into her pond.  I have never second guessed that decision. I heard they were very happy! But guilt set in when I realized I never  considered walking them. How difficult would it have been to have put the aquarium in a wagon and pulled it down the street?

Still there’s hope for others. For fish, pet lizards, pet pigs, Certainly doable. Admittedly, it would take preparation and commitment.

But clearly, you don’t have to speak to dog owners. From the streets filled with consciencious canine owners you can tell they’ve got the dog walking down to a fine art. And a good percentage of them do the pooper scooper thing.

So, something to add to the “what you didn’t know” column.




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