What Inspires You?

Does inspiration sometimes surprise you?

The other morning I’d just whispered a thought to the universe, a prayer, a wish. I wanted inspiration.

I opened the drapes and stared through the sliding glass doors into the backyard.  At first I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was seeing a vision. I eased back the door and hoped it wouldn’t move.  I clicked my iPhone. I paused. I stepped a foot closer and clicked. Finally I was as close as I would dare and took the final shot, ruffling feathers (a pun intended.) A glorious robin still as a statue looked back at me.

I began to reflect on how much the environment inspires me. And how much I take it for granted, the beauty all about me. It’s easy to walk past trees, the old neighborhood, and continue my journey without blinking. But the natural beauty is exquisite.

Appreciating nature is good practice. Appreciating almost any aspect of it.

What I truly love is waiting for the moon. It often surprises me.



The other evening I trudged up my stairs having had a difficult day and there was a majestic full moon. I sighed as I breathed in and let the beams of light wash over me. The relaxation alone was worth the couple of minutes it took for me to simply admire it and be inspired by it. Steady as she goes. Continuing to carry forward, always showing up. Endless are the possibilities of reflection.

Try it. Let me know what inspires you. Leave a message…

What You Don’t Know

Of all the questions we still  don’t know the answer to, one of the most perplexing is why we walk only dogs and not any of our other pets?Image


Despite all the pretext — for instance, the people who have cats with collars and even leashes hanging in the hallway — do you ever see a cat being walked? Not often.

And fish?


No one could have had a more personal relationship with her fish than me a few years ago. But when I moved to another state, a neighbor invited me to release them into her pond.  I have never second guessed that decision. I heard they were very happy! But guilt set in when I realized I never  considered walking them. How difficult would it have been to have put the aquarium in a wagon and pulled it down the street?

Still there’s hope for others. For fish, pet lizards, pet pigs, Certainly doable. Admittedly, it would take preparation and commitment.

But clearly, you don’t have to speak to dog owners. From the streets filled with consciencious canine owners you can tell they’ve got the dog walking down to a fine art. And a good percentage of them do the pooper scooper thing.

So, something to add to the “what you didn’t know” column.




Talking to Self

In the grocery store a young man asked a question and I turned around and answered him, then politely asked him a question in return. His look was peculiar as he jerked out his ear buds and informed me that he was talking to his wife. Since he was very much alone, I realized – he’d been on his cell via an ear bud — keeping the source at a healthy distance.

What a remarkable plus for those of us who talk to ourselves.

I am a commentator. “Let’s see — was it tomatoes I needed? Oh, yes. And I think I will get milk as well. Oh, my gosh look at that adorable child. That reminds me, I’ve got to remember to pick up Anastasia at 3 p.m.”

It’s not clear when I developed this habit, but it’s been embarrassing a couple of times when I caught someone listening and looking as if they were about to call 911 for an ambulance.

But think of it. I can talk away to myself. And if someone inquires, I can simply look up and say – “my cell” and point to my ear. And no one can tell the difference.


When did you start talking to yourself? Did it start when you had children? Got any tips on how to quit?

Talking to appliances …

What a great relief it was one day when I freed up myself and #talked to my appliances.  I found myself unloading about my dilemma and after about ten minutes, I felt relieved. My shoulders relaxed, my stress was gone.

Think about it. It could catch on. I simply poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down on the barstool and began telling my problems to my oven. I didn’t have to blow out my hair or find my favorite jeans. An oven doesn’t mind if you’re not dressed chic. It’s looks pretty much the same all the time anyway. And, there was no charge and no traveling involved.

I got the idea years ago when I read about a culture that believed it was important to thank inanimate objects for their service.

So, not to over work the oven, the next time I poured my heart out to the toaster.  You get the idea. And my blender! I don’t think I could ever get along without my blender.

I think that  talking out my problems with appliances might catch on. It has helped me tremendously.

A small, modern kitchen with popular stainless...
A small, modern kitchen with popular stainless steel appliances. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you think?  Who or what do you talk to?