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NEW! Annabelle and Baloyi returning in their newest caper soon. Watch for REMEMBERING REDEMPTION.

Darla’s explosive thriller, MIDNIGHT IN MALAMULELE is getting rave reviews!

“Like an African drumbeat … the tale spins and twists toward a gasping conclusion … A MUST READ.” -Joan Johnston, NYT Best Selling Author

“Appealing characters and settings enhance this unnerving murder mystery.” -Kirkus Reviews

“The mystique of Africa comes alive in this gripping mystery featuring an American immersed in a different culture. Full of action, suspense, romance and intrigue.” -Mike Befeler, Author of the “Geezer-lit” Mystery Series

Strong characterization and a fresh, clearly realized setting lead the reader through this fast-paced mystery based on actual ritual murders in rural South Africa. -Rex Burns, Author of the “Gabe Wager” Series

MIDNIGHT IN MALAMULELE introduces Annabelle Chase, a Denver crime reporter, who discovers a bizarre murder in a locked-down Mother of Angels convent in Malamulele, South Africa. She and local Detective N.F. Baloyi begin the hunt. Cultural differences and outrageous accusations made earlier by the dead Nigerian nun points the police in the direction of Annabelle’s best friend Sister Bridget. Annabelle must be vigilant and prove her innocence. When Annabelle and Bridget’s car is caught in a freakish thunderstorm on a dirt road in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the sudden appearance of a black spitting cobra in the back seat leads them to suspect there’s something evil lurking about …

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Darla Bartos

On the scene

Darla Bartos, author of Midnight in Malamulele, became enamored with the small village of Malaumele when living in a convent of nuns — for several months at a time — over a period of 10 years. A former journalist, she was seduced by the culture and its people. Darla said she sees all things now as either “before” or “after” Africa. Her original love of murder mysteries came from her mother, Agnes Prudom, who loved “who-done-its”. Darla grew up an avid fan of mystery and suspense and the unexpected.

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